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    These ropes are stinging my wrists. I try to take them off myself but no use. I feel like they tighten even more as I struggle to free myself. So I gave up. I was in the middle of the slum waiting for that person. Wait! Sameer. Where is Sameer? The thought of Sameer struck me like a lightening. I sat in horror as all the dangerous thoughts poured on me. I should get out of here and find him quickly. I searched for something that might rid me off these ropes. I found a glass clock on the cupboard next to the bed and broke it. I chose the largest piece and started to cut the ropes as quick as possible. I was sure that someone could have heard this noise as I heard a low constant chatter beneath me ever since I woke up. I first tore the rope around my ankles and decided to buy myself time. So I stacked the chair against the door knob making it difficult to open from the outside. I started to cut the rope on my wrists when I heard loud bangs on the door from outside. I was terrified. Somehow continued and finally got rid of it. With the large glass piece clenched in hand, I stood by the door waiting to strike. I trembled in fear And at the same time, I boiled in anger. I saw the door swing open with brutal force. The same moment my clenched hand moved towards the kidnapper's eyes to tear them apart. But my arms were stopped in mid air by the person in black suit. My eyes widened when I saw it was Aarav. "Whoa! Such strong reflexes",Aarav takes the glass piece off my hand and wipes my tears.I collapse on my knees. He signals his subordinates to leave us alone. I look at him with widened eyes, "why did you kidnap me?". No words left his mouth. "Let me go!", I added. "Yes I will let you go and I will even take you back to your home safely if you promise me to stay away from Delhi",he requested. I can't leave without Sameer. "No, I have to go back",I get up on my feet and began to walk towards the door. Suddenly, I am yanked back and pinned against the wall by Aarav. "Why are you so stubborn? Didn't you get the clue when I rejected your offer few days back?", He roared at me. "So that you can continue with your misdeeds all over the world? I will never let that happen!", I yelled back. He snapped from my words. "Looks like there is no use of reasoning with you",he muttered. He took out the cotton cloth and forcefully pressed it against my mouth and nose. "Stop, I need to go ....",I am rendered unconscious. The thoughts of Sameer's whereabouts left me with a tear tracing down my left cheek.

    I sprung up instantly from the bed as soon as the effects of sleeping drug wore off. I felt relieved when I saw there were no ropes restraining me. I have to get out of here and need to find Sameer quickly. Where is he? How is he? He is my only friend. I can't loose him. With all the anxiety, I began to search for my escape route. A large window caught my sight. But it was higher for me to reach it. I pushed the cupboard below the window and stacked a chair on top of it. I climbed it and looked down through the window. Thank god! It's only a double storey building. I almost used every clothes and tied them in the form of rope. Using this I carefully climbed down through the window and landed on the grass. It didn't take long for them to realize that I escaped. But I was already on the run. I didn't know where I was. I just ran and ran until I reached a small village. I looked behind and made sure I wasn't followed and collapsed from exhaustion.

    After some time, I woke up in a hut. A women around my mother's age walked towards me and made me drink water. I felt so relief. She is a kind women afterall. Then, she also brought me some food. My eyes widened as I was so famished. I grubbed on the food to calm my poor hungry stomach. She chuckled and brushed my hair. I guess, she didn't feel any enemity towards me. After finishing my food, I thanked her for the food in a kind gesture. Later on, I introduced myself (only things that mattered at the time like name and place) and asked about this place. She said that the village is called Hasanpur, east Delhi. I felt a bit uneasy. "Can I address you as "Amma"?",I asked the women. She smiled and nodded a yes. "Amma, where is the rest of your family?",I questioned her. Her smile disappeared. She turned her head towards a wall beside her. There was a photo of a young man hung on the wall. "He was my only son ritesh, I lost my husband when ritesh was 7, but my son was my proud jewel and the reason of my happiness". Tears trickled down her cheeks and she fell on her knees covering her face. I hugged her to be a part of her sorrow. "Amma, you know one thing? My mother always tells me to share my sorrow, sharing can lighten one's heart misery. All I can do now is to listen in exchange for your kindness", I say to her in a low soothing voice. From her sobbing on my shoulders, I knew she stayed strong as much as possible until now. Because I saw mother doing the same for us siblings, when I lost father and grandfather. She got up and opened a rusted trunk. The trunk contained some documents. She showed her son's degree certificates. His certificates in electrical engineering proved that he was a genius. She said that he was a JNU student in Delhi and took part in the protest against the arrest of JNU students during the riot. After this incident, he never visited home, once for a whole year. Two years later, all she got was the news of the death of her son. She broke down in tears. I held her close to my chest as she sobbed in my shoulders. My eyes fell on the blurred image of Aarav and behind it, there was a note that said, "he is the man responsible for Ritesh death". My eyes narrowed in anger but pushed my anger aside and concentrated on soothing her. A few moments later, when she seemed calm, I showed the picture to her, "Amma,how did u get this picture?". "It came to me in a well packed box",she replied. "Why didn't you go to police and ask for justice about your son's death?", I asked again. "How can I? No one would believe me and the people who can kill my son without leaving any evidence, can simply do anything",she said in a low voice. "It's not like I am afraid to die but ...",she started to cry again. I will make him pay for this. I boiled in anger.

    I was restless the whole night. The thoughts of Aarav's evil deeds and the whereabouts of Sameer stirred my mind like a tornado. I remembered about my cellphone and searched for it. It was on the wooden desk next to the bed and was switched off. My memory trailed back to the building where I was kept hostage and how brilliantly I took my cellphone from Aarav's inner pocket when he was angry and completely focused on me. I patted on my back feeling proud of myself. As soon as I turned on the cellphone, the unknown call rang. I picked it and it said, "we know your location and we are coming to pick you. please join us. We need you",the call disconnected. I made up my mind to join these people but I needed help in safeguarding Sameer's life. I called my brother and told him my current location and situation. He assured me that he will come and disconnected the call.

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    Eternity and above

    (Chapter 23)