• oladunniess 11w


    Ohh what a nightmare I thought
    My head's heavy thinking of how i slept
    I set up the day full of energy
    Bathe and dress, ready to start the day
    I begin to walk, taking few steps away
    My bones begin to crack
    Feeling like bolts are being loosed
    I was tired forcing my legs to walk
    I didn't want to give up because I haven't gotten to my destination and don't want to look like a wanderer
    Strength I crave, help I needed
    Overcoming not an option but a choice
    Gradually i see my destination afar
    My soul felt the happiness
    My brain sends the overwhelming signals
    Slowly i forgot the pains and focused on the journey
    Alas i got there
    I grabbed a bottle of chilled water
    Sat on the chair, resting my head looking up to the sky
    The sun making me comfortable by making my skin glow
    What a journey!!!!!!