• authordonbeckworth 37w

    Sittin' over here in fat man's corner
    Like porno
    Waitin' on my food to arrive
    Thinkin' it'll keep me alive
    But it's killin' me
    Softly with smooth jazz on
    Playin' through the speakers overhead
    No I can't win
    ..know I can't win
    I enjoy it like sin
    Fried chicken and biscuits
    Sweet tea every mornin'
    Can't help myself
    Keep liquor on a few shelves
    Ready for when I get home
    Like sheddin' clothes
    To free the bone...
    ...r... you get the drift
    It feels like a lift
    At first
    But it gets worse
    When the sun goes down
    And I lay down alone
    Even a ten thousand dollar bed don't help
    I still dream
    But they're just dreams
    Nothin' ever comes of 'em...

    " oh yes please, whipped cream!"