• skell12 10w

    The mirror

    Rita woke to the beeping of her alarm clock, She rolled over in her bed, pushing her face into her pillow to block out the light from her window. After a couple of minutes of trying to ignore her alarm clock, she forced herself to get out of bed and turn it off.
    She started to get dressed for school. After she was ready, she went to her bathroom to brush her teeth and put on her makeup. She walked into the bathroom and looked at the mirror. She froze.
    Her mirror...it was empty. Her reflection was gone. She stepped in front of the mirror and waved her hand in front of it to see if it wasn't just a trick of the light. Nothing. Was this a joke? How was this even possible?
    She heard a giggle from behind her, and whipped her head around to see where it came from. and standing behind her was...herself. She tried to gasp, but the mirror image quickly reached forward and covered her mouth. It then put her in a headlock, it's hand covering her nose and her mouth. She was losing consciousness.The world turned black for a couple of moments, then her vision came back dimly. But she was out of air. The last thing she saw before the world went dark, was the mirror image, picking her up, and putting her in it's place.