• antheia_ 10w


    Poetry breathes life into my
    mundane existence..
    It makes my ashen greys light up
    in the vivid hues of crimson & cerise..

    pallid words of mine are strung together
    with an ethereal titian skein in
    mazarine ballads & rosy hymns..

    Poetry.. wherein;
    silvery lexical beads cascade down the
    lofty slopes of my verses..

    Poetry... wherein;
    on the blank white canvas i paint a piquant painting
    spluttering it with smaragdine similes
    mauvish metaphors & auburn aliterations.

    my thoughts riding on a carousel
    alight..to bring alive the hazy pictures
    i oft have in sweven.


    #cees_hbm_chall #etherealc

    Thank you @mirakee for being such a great platform. Thank you for giving life to my words..you truly are a blessing for novice poets like me.

    Here's wishing MIRAKEE a very Happy Birthday.

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