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    The fairy tales we have all heard where in the mighty prince saves the princess from the miseries of her life, take her away and they live happily ever after. As a young girl I always like to believe that version of a love story. "The happily ever after" & "true love".All the romcom movies that made me believe that there is definitely a soul mate out there. It is only human to crave for companionship after all. Along with being a hopeless romantic, I am feminist too. The feminist who sees a certain fellacies in the portrayal of women in the mainstream media, such as the unnatural body standards expected, the shy docile nature(as portrayed in many bollywood movies, the list is endless),waiting for the hero to save the honour or keeping up with the 'man child' behaviour of the hero, all under the pretext of love and being desired. The pop culture is the reflection of the society we live in and this builds up unnecessary expectations from both the genders.
    FEMINIST, the word is intimidating and controversial & detested by many. When u think about feminism, what usually come to mind? Images of women protesting tampons use & mocking men who feel queasy at the mere thoughts of periods, angry misandrists who refuse to let a man buy them a drink, & fragile girls blaming men for every inequality that set us ten steps back- these are the most popular topics referenced by men & women who claim to be"so over feminists". There is a significant difference b/w misandry and feminism. I am a proud feminist & I don't hate men. I don't roll the eyes when a man holds a door open for me. I don't detest the act of a man embracing his masculinity, & I don't believe that as a woman, I am a superhuman who is more intelligent, hardworking & commendable than any man could dream to be. The battle was never b/w the sexes but the inequality that lies.
    I listen to my best friends swoon over their crushes, I give advice when the same guys haven't called in a week & I gush about my own crush on a regular basis. I grew up reading love stories & fairytales, & I adored every second of it. I'm self-professed hopeless romantic at best, that's a trait I can never rid of. But please understand liking men(wanted to be liked by men) doesn't have to automatically dismiss u from understanding the privileges that women rightfully deserve.I can love a man without expecting him to pay for dinner, change my tires & all the dirty work but it doesn't bother me much if he offers to do so. There is no need to look down upon the kind of a person. I am just because I believe in certain ideas against which people have stereotypes & prejudices against.
    I believe in strong man just as much I believe in strong woman, & I believe in unity b/w our genders. I can daydream all day about being swept off my feet by a man, & my sense of responsibility towards supporting women remain the same. Believing in chivalryard loving a man's company doesn't exempt me from the feminist agenda, because feminism isn't a movement against men.
    I've never had a problem with my adoration of love. I honestly found it a bit refreshing that I have held on to believing in a happy ending. Allow yourself to be a romantic, allow yourself to love everything about the opposite sex & to place confidence in their successes the same way u do for your own, but don't allow yourself to form a baseless opinion of something you have misinterpreted. I am a 'feminist' because I believe every individual should be treated as equal & not because I am an anti-male, bra burning protestor. At the end, we all are trying to figure out our life & hoping to find love in its own sweet way..
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    "I am also just a girl, standing in front of a boy asking him to love her"
    -Anna Scott, played by Julia Roberts,
    in the Film Notting Hill(1999)