• nandana_krishna 9w

    Reluctant to speak, they were...

    The voices were forbidden,
    they spoke with scripts.Likes and hates
    friends and fear,love and them is what they spoke.
    Smiles as comas, frowns as tears .
    Glances as strength, distance reduced.

    A tale of them was slowly growing into a bond.
    Both knew what they felt, reluctant they were-
    to speak about it. Familiar guests peeped in,
    priorities of both changed. When she gave up for
    one, he chose a different trespasser.

    There she stood as a pillar for the broken,
    knowing she herself wasn't fixed. She laughed
    loud in his presence still weeping . For him she
    had the purest love and an artless care, for her
    he had is still a puzzle. Happy he is,
    with what he chose, still something choking inside
    Fixed now the broken friend with the one ,
    who she felt deserves her better. Broken still,
    she- the one who is in the wildest thoughts ,
    still praying for his wellness and a support for
    her accidental bestie. With puzzles in both and the story still under progress it is deep as the deepest muddle about what they deserve.
    -Nandana Krishna