• smashedink 5w

    Woman of Stone

    Leeches in the streets
    Earwigs in my sheets
    She is putting the dye in her hair
    Where has she gone does anybody know?
    Nobody really cares anyhow, at least that's whats been stiched in her mind.
    Girl before so kind.

    Once the sweetest thing you had ever met.If I were a gambler my my bet wouldn't have been you.
    I guess madness finally got through.

    Are you known or unfamiliar? who is this woman of stone?

    Bloody perched knees attatched to a souless prayer remember dear Matron youre still here.

    Dont surrender that heart after all, if life is a ball, we are the Monarch.

    You could try and sell that torn soul to devil but, he wouldn't dare. For even he has favor for a War Queen.

    Days of misery create more greatful bliss, push yourself through the door.

    walk this journey with your most dangerous stare, breathing discomposure when you must not care.

    See the light for those who couldn't bare.