• patelabdulrehman5 31w

    Sing to me, the imperceptible silence in this room is deafening
    Painted across the walls in blue our souls are screaming out
    Weathered, battered, beaten and bruised
    It's collateral cracks are sealed with nothing but doubt.

    Escape is not an arbitrary choice,
    But the temptation too strong to resist
    Eeriness creeping, not a sound of your voice
    This is proof that Hell indeed does exist

    No soul can enter, inside can stay
    No twisted Labyrinth seemingly in sight
    How often we fathom, our years we start to count
    How we've fallen prey to this merciless plight

    Fading emotions cease to exist,
    Ephemeral melody is all it takes
    Search not for the light around, search from within
    For then you will slowly but surely start to see the vision amidst this haze.