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    ~Part 3 of many, from my thoughts section or short stories as you may call it..
    Also listen to Prateek Kuhad's songs , your soul will thank me later :) ~
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    To be mine again

    10: 47 pm
    Prateek kuhad in his song "For your time" says the words that I long to say or probably shout at you right now - 'I beg you for your time, I beg you to be mine.' Today , the day you officially ended us without explaining anything left me at this space of confusion or if I have to sound poetic then it would denote this dark dusky cloud that seems to blur away everything that this city of promises once held. With thoughts of denial , I question myself on an endless loop - ' how can I accept any of this when everything went by so good. Was I floating away in this dream where things went beautiful between us or did you feel it too? Couldn't you have stepped up to fight for me once , or maybe I was not worth the cause. ' But all I can do is to beg you to be mine again and I will make it worthy enough to have a fight this time.