• aasif_mirzaa 4w

    Honestly , it's not that i fear falling in love ..
    I'm in love with many things in this world ,
    I love my sister , i love my family , i love animals , i love my NGO , i love earth , this universe , i love myself , i may even fall in love with ypu someday, literally I'm not avoiding it ..
    But what i do fear , however is falling so deeply in love with someone and investing my life into theirs ony to discover that they either don't feel the same way or lied about who they really were .,
    To me , that is how you die while still breathing and its so hard to pull yourself out of the heartbreak and depression .
    The truth is that you're never going to really know if you're falling for the wrong person untill it's too late ..
    That's what I'm afraid of ��

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    ".. I'm a kind of guy ,
    who will Remember you ,
    Whenever My heart pump's blood
    Through my veins .."