• ishadamani 10w

    Loving through Verses

    Two beings met as strangers true,
    Bearing none in common between the two .
    No topics to touch,no words to relate
    No feelings to reciprocate.
    Suddenly the woman emerged with some broken verses
    The man found a speck of glow
    Some feelings lay in those uncharmed ways
    A jewelest he was,he knew the ways
    To polish a diamond in its true shape.
    He slowly conversed,he slowly read
    The verses she wrote,in his silent ways
    A day came sudden, he spoke to her
    Work on your art,it needs some space
    Open your emotions thats cluttered with confusions
    Feel free to express your verses,
    Do you know its your passion?
    Then began a journey as if into space
    The woman thinking over in various ways
    She wrote and wrote,he read and read
    He polished her skills in his strange ways
    He never gave her subjects, though she asked for them
    He said,'Think for Yourself, God has given you enough Brains '.
    He became a light, in the darkness of the night
    She followed him like shadow,never to leave his sight.
    Thus began a journey through love for Verses
    Its purity surpassed even the blessings of Goddesses
    - Isha