• eternal_moonlight 23w

    I, a woman in her 20s still cries like
    a baby while watching Kal Ho Na Ho for the 50th time. I'm not embarrassed to be honest
    It is because of you that friendship bands became cool and countless nights were spent wishing upon shooting stars.
    It's you who made me believe that if Veer could spend 22years in jail for Zara, my crush could at least text me back

    I also find myself reciting your dialogues in tough times, overcoming my failures by mumbling, "Haar ke jeetne wale ko baazigar kehte hai."
    And somewhere, deep down in my heart, I still call out to my lovers inwardly chanting, "Palat, Palat!" I know that no one will turn, know that a dialogue won't change my defeats into victories. But in that moment, that
    faith is all I need.
    Thank you SRK, for the dreams, the ever open arms, and for single-handedly giving birth to unrealistic expectations of romance.

    Happy birthday Shah Rukh Khan❤️

    By unknown writer

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