• soulwriters 6w

    For Once?

    I miss my wallpapers, I miss those conversations I had with you,
    I miss you being flattered on my poetry even though you deserved much more,
    I miss those reminders you gave me of what you and I meant to you,
    I miss everything I did for you, I miss thinking of everything we could do.

    This distance I tell you it sucks but I have the beauty of you preserved on my phone,
    To look at it and miss you in the AM, to miss everything I had with you that's gone,
    I could die everyday to have you back but you seemed to have moved on,
    Past the life we had together, past your priorities, past me still being yours.

    I wish you knew it's you I write for, I wish you happened to read it someday,
    I wish you help me say it to you that I miss you, I miss you almost everyday.

    Would you please come back for once? Rewind these months and cut it out?
    Let us be the "Us" we were again and live this time like nothing ever changed?
    For once let me think aloud, let me sit next to you, stand by you and be proud?
    For once would you please come back? Rewind these months and let me still be with you?