• thedeeptrip 45w

    I looked into her eyes and asked for the tears she's been hiding through all these years.
    I crawled through his body and asked for all the scars.. fears he's been hiding under his skin.
    I touched her and absorbed her darkness
    I kissed him and swallowed his emptiness.
    That's what I do when I see people fighting their own existence.
    I ask for the sorrow.
    And sometimes I find myself in tears for no reason.
    I try to find where it all went wrong.
    I asked for it.
    I feel the deepest pain in my chest..
    it hurts like nothing else.
    I get exhausted..
    I get distant
    I withdraw myself from everything.. everyone..
    I drown in the depression..
    And then I burst into tears wondering the amount of pain they have been carrying in their little heart.
    So whenever something bad happens
    Or whenever hard time comes in my life.
    I know Somewhere someone is fighting against it too.
    I know it's not mine.
    I asked for it.
    It's not your journey.
    It's our journey.

    -Prajakta Mhadnak