• sachin_chhikara 6w


    Yes, it hurts.
    It hurts when the seeds you planted,
    Give you thorns instead of fruits.
    It hurts when the memories you cherished,
    Give you pain instead of happiness.
    It hurts when the fire you ignited,
    Burns you down instead of enlightening your path.
    It hurts when the person you loved,
    Stabs you to death instead of loving you back.
    Yes, it hurts.

    Your agony may seem little to the onlookers,
    But deep down it breaks you apart,
    Turning you into someone you are not meant to be.
    Now you doubt every step you take,
    Feel dubious about every decision you make.
    And then someone comes out of nowhere,
    Holds your hand and explains you the difference,
    Difference between weeds and grains,
    between joys and pains.
    Difference between Antony and Brutus,
    between lovers and haters.
    Heal your invisible wounds, and set you free
    Turns all your gloom into glee.