• snwp93 24w


    You may feel weak trying to find a positive thought in a mind of a million sad ones
    You may feel too tired to find any form of physical motivation just going to make a feed is too much as the pain inside is just to deep
    You may feel like youve given up the will to live and life is exhausting you each day
    As hard as you try to be happy you always feel different like your not normal
    This seems impossible now but what if I told you this will all pass you by someday
    What if I told you things will get better and you become stronger each day
    You've battled long enough and I can't stand to see you crippled by pain anymore
    I can't stand to see you crying because it hurts me to much I know things can get better
    And please know you are LOVED by many
    So please hold your head up high believe in yourself show your pride and continue with that strength inside your heart to live another day on this earth please use that strength to Soldier on so we can grow old together
    I love you there would be no sunshine if you were gone so keep your chin up my dear