• finnisam 5w

    Only Questions

    And so they said.
    And so they said.
    From one thing to another
    Like the workings of a solitary mind
    Tandem with reality.
    I do not wish to see again.
    I do not wish to be again.
    One or another. One or the other.
    All or nothing. And so they said.

    What reflection? What regret?
    What mortality made my name?
    Forging the mortal chain
    Connected to eternity.
    I forget the comfort of forgetfulness,
    Remembering instead the world.
    All things contained within.
    Pandora: unfurled.
    Hope. The worst.

    And so they said it was the first.
    What they?
    What first?
    What dregs exist to slake my thirst?
    Nothing but the sands
    Of a desert without rain
    Sliding down my throat
    And again.