• through_the_stars 24w


    Here comes that day again , the story is still the same , but she won't loose hope, she will survive against all the odds. She is not what she shows. She is still in search of someone ....

    Maybe its her because of whom she looses her happiness. Maybe its her because of whom she has tears rolling down her cheeks again . Maybe its her because of whom her trust is lying broken on the ground. But she will never give up on her, on her abilities, on her truth.

    But her heart now is more scarred and more stronger . It knows the destination but comes across many illusions. IN THAT BAG OF DARKNESS BURRIED INSIDE HER SOUL..... which might never open up.

    No one knows what time does . So lets wait for more challenges and kick them on their ass.

    Lets be ready to have one more scar added to your heart so it becomes stronger . And thank u life for throwin me on the ground coz its the only way to rise.

    So life here is a message for u - " let me see how u can break me, im ready to jump all hurdles. I agree, today im lying low on the ground of sadness and failure , but ur forgetting this is the place where winners are born , the place where high hopes of rising come true. Because i promise u im gonna hit all problems 100% with all my force , my strength.. . I'M READY BRING IT ON. "