• mariambushra 5w

    India's growth is happening.
    India is in news for it's glorious days, which was only possible because of 'us'.
    Wait why should we take the credits?
    It's not us who voted for BJP!
    We shouldn't be taking credits.
    Let's congratulate our fellows among the 'majority' of India who made it possible for Modiji & Amit ji to take steps towards BETTER INDIA.
    I have to be sarcastic, cause it's not safe for us to speak in public about our HONORABLE PRIME MINISTER.
    At this time , I'm wondering why people are blaming Modi or Amit Shah for what's happening?
    Who voted for BJP?
    Who made Modi the PM?
    Where are you all?
    Please come up, take the credits!
    It's all because of you guys that our India is leading to roads of destruction.
    Don't you see it coming?
    We saw it coming from a very long time and that's why we're requesting you all to vote wisely.
    This quote justifies the present condition :
    " The Forest was shrinking, but the trees kept voting for the axe, for the axe was clever and convinced the trees that because of his handle was made of wood , he was one of them"
    (Read it twice if you don't get it) .
    First Kashmir was targeted , you all kept silence, while it was bleeding, (still not 'normal')
    Now, they are imposing Kashmir model in Assam.
    They introduced NRC, then CAB..
    An open threat to us (not only Muslims mind you, this will affect 'INDIA')
    It feels good to see people of all religion and community coming up in support.
    I want to request to those part of majority, who are still not raising their voices, still not coming up in support... To come up.
    It's the power of UNITY that will save our Nation.
    It's never too late!
    And if you are in 'Fool's Paradise' thinking you all are safe and will remain unaffected..
    Haha! Wait for it then.
    For ' What goes around comes around'.
    Jai Hind