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    Camping is one of the best adventurous activity. And a way to spent time with your loving ones.
    It can provide you intimate with the nature very easily, and make you feel fresh.

    And the soul of any camping is it's camp fire, where
    a group of people sit around the fire and enjoy the activities happen around it. Camp fire just below the sky, with the sweet breeze moving around and touching your face. Making you to feel the real essence of nature. With the smell of flowers contained by those breeze.

    And all those chating with your friends. It can help you to create bestest memory with your loving ones��

    @akashay21bawane @akshay_challenge #asb26

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    Moon in the sky, witnessing all,
    Sitting near the camp.
    Seeing those dancing flames.
    Listening to the chanting of crickets.
    And enjoying the soothing smell of flowers.