• nikki_nrm 6w

    In His Toxicity

    His toxicity was so bad that it made you think that the ex that used to beat you up was a good guy.
    So you cry, a short cry that starts when the kettle starts and stops when the water has boiled.
    You make a cup of coffee, but never forget to add the whisky because you'd rather be tipsy than in pain.
    Even after all this mental and emotional abuse, you still convince yourself that you're inlove;
    When truth is you are more miserable than the ladies of the night, what makes matters worse is that at least they get something out of it.

    You settled for less...
    You confided in someone who's like the devil's right hand, all because you never really allowed yourself to heal after the last relationship.
    You were so desperate to have the title that you gave a sinister what was left of you.

    Nicole Matsinde.