• inablink 6w


    Darkness all around, with some unclear whisper
    I, taking last breath on my deathbed

    Drowning deep and deep in the universe of soul
    I saw Anubis welcoming me at the door

    He said, "Its your time, heaven is waiting..."
    I, unconsciously asked for a little more time

    In my last few months, I travelled back my journey
    From my childhood to my youth, my family, my story

    Listening to wishes, bided goodbyes,
    Everything ended with a flash
    Me, losing everything in front of my eyes
    Falling for sleep with a smile

    Darkness overpowering me, knocking me off again
    I, watching beautiful rainbow in a day of cloudy rain

    Left the world with a promise to see it soon
    Lying in the arms of mysterious stars and sky
    Lost to Bloom............