• uwloti 7w

    Hi ,I made this poem with @_mbabazi_ a Mirakee follower and my home country friend .Hope you enjoy it !

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    You were my sailor and savior
    When I was drowning in a hopeless sea
    Of a hurtful relationship,
    Giving me a chance to live with rights
    To love you ,my dreams came true.

    You made me forget what I had first
    As you mend my broken heart
    Which was torn into multiple parts
    You didn't care my shapes,
    All you wanted was to let me feel
    Unstoppable healing happiness
    And from then we fit like gloves.

    We met when I was in trouble
    That's the reason why I will stay with you
    To always save me from weirdness
    And find me when am lost in the darkness,
    In you I found peace and pleasure
    Even into your comforting armless arms.

    See, you have reminded me
    Which was the love I really deserved
    By freeing me from a solitary love
    And I believe we were destined,
    If I knew I wouldn't have given my heart
    To anyone before you.

    You are always my satisfication
    Into millions of stars in the sky
    You shine brighter than them,
    And i can feel your true love
    Becuase we were destined indeed.

    You promised to give me
    Your permanent presence
    And your absence will be my deep depression,
    I love you more than my second love
    To me you are the first and the one for lifetime.

    ©uwloti and _mbabazi_