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    A love story that is not ordinary! A flight, two people and a life changing flight. Stick around to experience the journey.

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    Fly in love-Part 3

    “Sir can I have your order?”the waiter asked and I hit back to reality. It has been 6 years since that flight with her and I still remember each details of it like it happened yesterday. I am waiting for her in this restaurant but she hasn’t shown up yet. My memories with her is still intact. Has she changed in these years? Or is she the same Minni who cared so much for me on that journey. I was again lost in my memories…

    13 hours remained in that flight.2hours passed like 2 minutes. We talked about everything we could find. From our favorite food to our favorite Bollywood movie, to her cousin’s pet dog. I checked my watch; it was 10pm. We decided to have our dinner.

    After dinner, she drew her blanket and told me to cover myself with hers itself. My excitement level rose; me and her sharing the same blanket. Meanwhile she did her rubbing palms and touching forehead routine every time I became nervous. She took care of me like I was related to her. But the only relation I could find out was that she was my crush which she didn’t knew.

    The Minni marathon started again. Once she started to speak, it is hard to put a stop to her. But I listened to her with all my attention, with all my heart, with all my love. I was hopelessly in love, she was unware of it; I was a ugly 18 year old boy, she was the most beautiful girl in the world; I was shy, she was amazing. We talked for another hour or so when she suddenly declared that we should sleep. I agreed.

    She switched off the reading light and I saw the whole cabin was asleep before us, mostly because the plane was full of 40+ peoples. I close my eyes and it started again, my anxiety. I felt like the surroundings heating up, dizziness, I unbuttoned the first two of my shirt. She realized I was uncomfortable and then something happened which I didn’t expected; something magical.

    She took my hand in hers and held it tightly, my uneasiness began to go away. I looked at her, she was smiling. With her eyes closed she asked,” better?”. I replied the affirmative. I whispered, “ good night”; she just smiled.

    After a few moments, when I was about to doze off, I felt something on my forehead, something like a kiss. Before I could realize I was asleep. Was it a dream or did she….?