• chrisrighteous 6w

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    A day turned to be real, enthusiastic and peaceful
    Mystical mountains made me to reside in its
    Palatial space, in a box of unimagined sorrows
    I build a bridge in my cell to the happiness in hands
    Mystical being I weave to soften the directions
    Bricked with positivity and hope, I will never fall short
    The plan I have to endeavour to maintain glass
    Kinda of dreams as I think is what life taught to love
    Tides of homogeneity is what work hopes to gush
    To the reality of dreams, romantic to thoughts
    I crave, I fell short to fix the shards of broken heart I ever thought! No life would be better with besieges and sumptuous day life! Puny me avalanche to the rightful people as well as decisions because barged to unwavering strength I combined the dearest days to farthest days, people who camouflage is far away from me! Pastel to loveliness of God I am promising everyday to live like almighty to lift his glory to glory
    I fight with whole self to defeat the world because to crave for the palace and live peacefully reminding how great my God is, dusting off negative and venom people can leave a corpse hues of eternity I powder fear and shy with battles and struggles to live in a society of whistles, relationship with soul and body always wants magical outcomes to take oxygen and to leave carbon dioxide I trepidate sometimes being worst but yeah, I shouldn't fear evil and for it's deeds, the siren sounds may alert my thoughts to fix my nerves stable too! Echoes of positivity I may get twice to backdrop ugly behaviours, I hit floor with musical symbols to chain my happiness to a memory! I roll my same attitude as my tattoos of life to a sign what is sin and not, heavy to carry yet bold to tackle.

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