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    THE MUSEUM - 3

    The world seemed as if it had lost its senses. A benighted girl races up and down some scales and people call it music. I was so tired of the project that I asked for three days off. Something drew me to that museum again.

    I was observing some relics as I heard a voice direct a tourist to her destination. The voice added on, "Lost, you will be, in this maze of choices but you'll find someone on your way. I hope it is your dream." Weren't those the same words that I had heard five years ago? I approached the woman and quizzed, "Um, excuse me? Do you mind if I ask a question?" What was I? Daft? Clearly gobsmacked, she simply nodded. I went on, "I'm sorry but are you acquainted with Ciara Mathur?"

    She smiled for a moment and was lost in a reverie for one long minute. I waited for a response. She nodded again and extended her hand. "This is Anaisha. Two years ago, Ciara and I had rented an apartment together. She was a marigold in my downcast meadow. I understand you are her friend and if I remember right, you're Rehaan."

    Among other things that his brain was processing, Rehaan felt a tint of delight upon knowing that Ciara had talked of him, showed some pictures too. They shook hands and started moving towards nowhere in particular. Anaisha broke the silence, "She's a modernist painter now. She sings at coffee shops sometimes. I don't have to tell you how flighty and fanciful she is." We were on the sidewalk when I asked the imminent question, "So, where is she now?"

    That smile again. "She calls sometimes, all from payphones. A butterfly likes change. You can revel in its beauty only as long as it allows. I respect her life and thus absorb only as much detail as she relinquishes. Now, that garden up ahead looks welcoming?" Her uptalk was almost imperative. I followed her. The garden was beautiful. A medley of flowers and plants adorned the paths. We talked about each other's lives. She was working for a big law firm and hardly entertained herself. I told her about my recent misfortune. She patted my shoulder lightly. "There, there. Hold on, you. Your colleague might allege something on your boss as well. You might have some sweet revenge." I chortled.

    We seated ourselves on a lonesome bench. I had fixed my eyes on some flowers for a long time. Following my gaze, Anaisha announced, "Those are morning glories. They are believed to bring happiness and luck."
    "Oh yes, I could certainly use some luck."
    With closed eyes, she smirked.
    ~Nikki Mehta

    To be continued...
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    THE MUSEUM - 3

    A butterfly likes change. You can revel in its beauty only as long as it allows.