• thatbitchisme100 6w

    Happy holidays

    My dear babies it's almost Christmas time, I feel your pain and know you feel mine. The rain and clouds make these skies grey, there's not much sun since you've been kept away. I see everyone so happy and full of cheer, I sob on the inside for losing almost a year. I hope you think of me as you think of the past times weve had, I hope you remember all the things In peace and you don't get sad. I'll wake up to presents that wont get unwrapped under the tree, but I won't take it out down til your home to see. Christmas lites seem to not be so bright, the songs on the radio I turn off before nite. I sit in your rooms and stare at your empty bed. Sometimes I lay in them and remember when I would lay w you instead. I hung up our stockings and put a orange in the end, I have yet to open any Xmas cards or put stamps on our to send.
    The cookies I baked I couldn't even eat, it doesn't taste the same bc they used to be our special treat. I tried to watch our favorite classic movies, but I got to stir crazy and had to clean something. I hung every ornament and put the angel on top, I prayed that this war between adults could be over and stop.
    I'm not asking for a white Christmas. With snow, I'm asking for a miracle to have you home