• shayanaaaaa 9w

    I was broken,
    brutally into pieces
    and was left alone
    by the people
    whom I loved the most.
    But was that the end?
    No, that wasn't, rather
    that was the beginning
    of a new phase, new life
    where I'll be myself,
    where the only person I'll depend
    upon is solely my own self,
    where the world won't be so
    lonely without anyone.
    I worked very hard to overcome my
    weakness and to get myself in line.
    I gathered all my courage to fight back
    and I fought the negativity that I had in my mind.
    And whilst I was fighting
    I realized we all are negative,
    we all are broken,
    we all are fighting,
    we all want to win.
    So I stopped fighting
    and started letting it go,
    it took some time but when the things
    went away, I found myself happy again
    Sometimes, fighting hard with everything is not the solution,
    but not fighting at all and letting everything go is.