• avianna_grace 23w

    Lust Or Love (part 2)

    Ray gets in the passenger seat and I'm really thinking this isn't a good idea, Tre and I just split a few weeks ago. Well he's already in my car I'm not going to say no now.
    Jokingly I asked, " What you plan on doin', breaking in my new place with me tonight?"
    He turns his head, raises one eyebrow and goes, "what you mean!?"
    "I saw you grab that vodka."
    "Oh, so a brotha can't buy you a drink after all these years unless he tryna get some?"
    "No, I was just kidding."
    "Mmhmm, you sure you want me to come over Lace, you know I'll get out the car where ever."
    Yup, there it was, I was waiting for it; same ol' stubborn Rayquan with his attitude problem.
    "And you know I wouldn't let you do that. Just chill and enjoy the ride."
    He turns the music up and I'm just drivin' remembering why we were never together in the first place, that damn attitude and stubbornness! We were always bumping heads. Yet, we always found ourselves hanging with eachother.
    As I'm pulling up, there's a car in my spot. To make matters worse there's a guy sitting on my steps. "You've got to be kidding me! Ray stay in the car"
    "Why, you don't want me to handle this?"
    "No, please, just stay in the car."
    "Ok, just sayin', let me know if you need me."
    I get out livid! "Tre, what are you doing here!? Better yet, how did you find out where I live!?"
    "Come on, you know Tommy go always be my nephew."
    Just so you're not confused, Tommy is really my nephew. They just have a good relationship.
    "Well, this really isn't a good time. Can you just call me tomorrow or something, I'm tired."
    "Really? Tired? I seen bruh in the car already!"
    "It's not what you think."
    "Wait, is that Rayquan!? What the f**k Lacy are you serious!? All f***in' ready!? I knew it wasn't go take no time before you found him again! You know what, never mind. I came here to tell you I made a mistake but clearly this was the mistake! Enjoy your thug! I'm out of here!"
    At that point, Ray got out the car. "Yo! Lace, everything good!?"
    O my gosh! I was literally shaking in my boots! I was terrified! I forgot to mention, Tre and Ray have a history. Obviously not a good one, but you'll have to keep reading to hear about that and what happens next of course.