• cocoadark 9w

    September 29, 2018

    2 days passed.
    But not a single drop of tears rolled down her cheeks.
    No regrets.
    No pain.
    No feelings.
    No emotions.
    Except a Question "Why"
    She probably knew the Answer but still expecting it to be wrong.
    Here again the Questions comes, "Why"
    When She Closed All The possible way to approach.
    She might be waiting for that One Miracle to happen, The only one She was wishing for.
    Deep inside She was Stopping herself for getting indulge in it.
    She knew about life.
    She knew about wounds.
    She knew about the sorrows.
    She knew it.
    Somehow She managed not to think about it.
    But She failed.
    Not a single second She spent thinking about it.
    She might be unaware of the Fact that what She really want.
    Or She is Fooling her own Heart.
    After So much efforts, She decided not to turn back, But what about Hope !
    Which She still has.
    She knew it was not easy for her to take it.
    But Still she did.
    She did this for herself.
    For her Self respect.
    For her Dignity.
    She might be broken.
    But She knew Time has the power to Heal Everything.
    It will fade away soon.