• kaymartindale777 9w

    Only One

    Everyone of us have the same problem in life
    We have an empty hole
    A void needing to be filled
    deep within our soul

    We all try in different ways to feel the empty space
    We desperately search for something more
    than cold and lonely place.

    It feels as though there's something missing
    deep inside our hearts
    Yet no one knows just where to look
    We don't know where to start

    Love is what we all need but we're looking in the wrong place
    We all just need a way to ease
    The pain we hate to face

    No one knows the suffering and hurt
    each person hides inside
    Or how many sleepless nights one's had
    How many years they've cried

    There is only one who can make you whole
    Just one who can save
    He paid it all many years ago
    When he conquered death and the grave

    Put all of your trust in him
    and then you'll surely know
    That he's the only way you'll live
    Only he can save your soul