• alextheft 9w

    As he narrates

    (a reverse tale)

    I can't help
    But drown in her finesse
    The lore she sings is so perfect
    It's like the showers from the sky
    Meltdown their heavens on me
    I can't stop
    But dream of my distress
    The drowsiness is what to expect
    It's like earth cracking beneath the sky
    Dissolving the land into my fury
    It can't happen
    Because Beauty is such a stress
    And she is do damn perfect
    To be stepping down from sky
    To where I stitched our we
    I can't forget
    Her kindness nonetheless
    And our adverse impact
    On each other as we gasped for lie
    To fall in love for eternity
    She can't erase
    My favourite colour for her dress
    My caring gaze she couldn't neglect
    From the day she waved good-bye
    Is when I questioned my sanity