• alphaomega1981 34w

    Eternal Sleep

    Tis still and darkness restless sleep
    Twas mountain valley cold and deep
    Wast marsh and mire unseen deep
    Whilst void and absolution creep
    For field and product now we reap
    Winds and hollows journey sweep

    From thicket yander thorn and vine
    Crested wave and waning time
    Doth life surrender will decline
    Tis light evading truth resign
    Whilst shadow loom forsake define
    Knotted up affixed in twine

    Doth light evade and dark entail
    Smothered under hallowed veil
    Feeble breathing wistful frail
    Locked in torment timeless hell
    Art dirt and ash a remnants tale
    Widowed haunting ghostly wail

    Atop still water cold and dead
    Hope surrenders fail and fled
    For fathoms deep impending dread
    Drained and emptied fully bled
    Twas vein and vibrant ruby red
    Forever sleep thy earthly bed