• christopherguidry21 9w


    Who are they to you or me,
    What makes us all come together.
    What relationship do we all share does any one care anymore,
    Does anyone feel like there not part of any ones circle any more.
    The ugly duckling to everyone who knew him growing up,
    If only I had some folders in my cup.
    I would have woken up and smelled the roses ,
    No one will talk to you you are a stranger,
    Although you know you've never caused anyone danger.
    You're too hot to handle to cold to hold.
    But you skip over articles pertaining to bacteria and mold .
    Those are not really my specialty,
    I wish I knew a person who could tell me something to alter the reality.
    Everything I know Ive seen with my own eyes,
    I don't have to hide behind blue eyes,
    Can you hear a siren as he cries,
    Have you ever heard me say.
    I am the greatest singer I ever heard,
    Nobody can't tell me a single thing.
    When I sit in a circle at a table or even a few benches in the park. I know what to the table after dark
    You left standing in the dark scared and all alone I bet you would want me walking behind you cause as long as I'm there.
    You wouldn't have a worry or care.
    Nothing would you ever have to fear,
    If you know me you know I'd die trying to save anyone from anything that could hurt them without thinking about it without shedding a tear.
    No matter what I see in people I believe every one I ever met was worth saving there life,
    Id want a man like me trying to save there childrens sisters mother brothers or husband or wife. Fighting like a grizzly bear with the strength of Hercules and filled with compassion every emotion,
    Hearts filled with love and devotion.
    Feeling exactly what you feel about that exact same person ..
    I feel what you would if they were your family no matter whos family.
    That's family tradition every body knows poppa loved momma.
    I pray each l and every night,
    I hope my kids are alright.
    ┬ęChristopher Charles Guidry 21