• putanginabangtan 24w

    By Tristana Thana

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    Untitled Poetry

    I'm setting you free
    Don't say a thing
    Just let me

    You're my galaxy
    But he's my universe, baby
    I'm so sorry
    Please forgive me

    Telling my sorries
    While seeing your tears
    Looking at me directly,saying
    "I'm begging you, stay please?"

    "listen to me...
    We need to end this"
    "Don't you love me?"
    "I'm sorry..."

    You beg, cried and more
    That I chose to ignore
    "Please let me go...
    I'm not happy anymore"

    You smiled painfully
    Say the words clearly
    "I'm so sorry, Baby...
    If I can't make you happy"

    I smiled at you
    Hugs you tightly
    Keep saying "I'm sorry"
    And you just let me

    "I'm sorry, very sorry"
    "If setting you free...
    Makes your happy
    Then I'm letting you go,sweety..."

    Typist's Note

    — I'm new in composing an english poetry so please tell me if I'm wrong.