• shy_extrovert 5w

    Humans. Period.

    They destroy the planet and call it home.
    Compassion has left humanity alone.

    They dare to think the planet is because they are.
    They claim the earth, the animals, not even sparing the stars.
    They take pride over the technologies, the buildings and cars.
    Forgetting what has brought them, this far.
    Mother earth gave everthing and love,
    but has received only ruins and scars.
    Oh, what a disappointment we are!

    While we chill in our homes, watching news of Amazon burning, animals being killed, forests being cut.
    While we question the government, the system is out of place!
    I don't understand the politics and shifting blames.

    You kill the animals, let's face it, that's mean!
    please read, research, you don't need that much protein,
    Good enough are pulses and beans.
    It doesn't matter to you, if the animal is crying or is still young, what matters is the taste of the tongue!

    Chicken, meat, mutton, steak coming in beautiful packages,
    back at poultry farms and slaughter houses,
    it isn't fun.
    I think what we seriously need is a little introspection.