• ritukumar_2204 9w

    Stay with me

    Stay with me,
    When I'm happy and,
    Let me kiss this smile on my lips onto yours.
    Let me hold you tight and,
    Tell you how it was.

    Stay with me,
    When I'm low and,
    Let me rest on you,
    For all I want now is,
    Your warmth and the moon.

    Stay with me.
    No matter how tough the situation is or,
    How rough the road is.
    Put your hands in mine and
    Hold me till it's fine.

    Stay with me,
    And never let me go,
    Cause then I'll be left floating,
    Like a tiny little boat.

    Stay with me,
    I'll bring you the moon and stars.
    I'll take you to the world that will only be ours.