• fatima1990 23w

    Baby nephew born - 4th July 2018

    To my dearest nephew, today you were born on this spectacular day.
    WELCOME oh little one, welcome our little prince! We anticipated your arrival for nine months, your presence, your new beginning.
    As an aunty, I would like to make five life promises to you. In time you will come to appreciate every single one of them.
    I promise you that you will receive unconditional love.
    I promise you that you will be taught compassion, love, respect, patience and faith.
    I promise your cute little cheeks will be sore from an abundance of laughter.
    I promise you that you will have a family who is proud of you, and for all that you are and all that you will be.
    I promise you that you will be taught how to love, as we love you, so that one day you pass on this immense love to your children and children's children.
    In our family, we love deeply, laugh silly, eat wholeheartedly and smile generously.
    You will inherit these qualities, because as you know, you are our precious prince, and princes have all the above qualities. For now, we are all watching over you as you grow up to be a little man, we'll be here waiting for you.
    Love your aunty Fatima and the Taha family.