• samarsingh 24w

    A Pluviophile and we the Petrichor

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    There is a girl whose name is Pluviophile,
    A hidden queen of the rain.
    She gets upsets even though she gets over with it
    She is just like a changing weather,
    She can be super sweet in one moment and can be ferocious in the next.
    Oh! she is so awesomely amazing,
    You can't just ignore her.
    You can't just stop talking to her.
    She is that amazing.
    As her name is, she is the same for us all.
    A lover of rain and we are the earthy scent.
    Oh! so startling, oh so perplexing like the rain,
    That the bewildered mind of ours gets super agitated when she is not fine.
    There is a girl whose name is Pluviophile..