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    Infinite hotspots


    Infinite hotspots
    © Andrè M. Pietroschek, all rights reserved

    The states can go tyrant, be it by goodwill or vice,
    too often the people must suffer or die as a price.

    A myriad problems must be solved in law's consence,
    still we are maltreated like suspects or victims hence!

    Never to give up, and not to choose the violent ways,
    helps us to make it productively through these days.

    Fiends arise manifold, and can be abstract or clear,
    competence & education are tools to use not to fear.

    The media present scapegoats, made to score quote,
    But our life needs much more than elections & a vote!

    Terror and catastrophe lurk all around like false gods,
    as we live in an age of dangerously many evil hotspots.