• su_tshant 10w

    Living doesn't make any sense anymore, breathing in and out the same air into the same day feels monotonous. Desolate heart of mine is filled with sad ruins of love and lovers, hope and trust, joy and life. My body is eating itself. My mind is killing me, thoughts are hunted with the ghost of happy memories. There's a void in my chest, lump in my throat, cotton in my mouth. I wanna treat myself with joy but with no one to talk to or understand I'm often greeted by loneliness. And it's okay, it's been years and I'm teaching myself to smile again. I stare in the mirror and put my finger in my mouth and pull my lips back to my ears. I talk with myself and when I read, I read out loud to give myself a company. My eyes are dull because I'm tired, I'm tired of everything.
    To the people I've crossed path with, it was nice knowing you and if I've hurt you, I never meant to. Let's call it truce and maybe forgive each other.