• _prajapita_ 47w


    Lurking in the shadows of the shattered bits of her nest
    Learning to grieve the demise
    She shook her feathers off
    Waiting for the summer to wave a 'Hi'
    As dormant as a child in dreamless slumber
    There she perched on an elevated piece of a rugged branch
    The fetch for worms would no longer be wearying
    Blues in the sky would await her to mourn each evening as she would return
    To the broken remnants of her day-long efforts of pieceing together a beautiful home
    The wrath of the mighty, knavish storm that would now mock at her
    'How foolish you were to leave them longing for you, to starve in the dark?'
    The onus of guilts deep inside she'd be carrying now
    Not a day would shine any brighter , not a night would shriek in silence
    Her Oh's would now haunt till the marrows
    That bereft soul lied crushed in guilt, dilapidated in remorse
    Hopes were held high, an array of the s bright sun would set ablaze the remains of that rage
    As it dawned upon her, the smoke of her stung soul
    Praised thee, this tender,an indiscreet part of thy creation!