• _wakeupsid_ 10w

    The Camel of Emotions

    Black were you, blue was I
    So so far way, looking at the sky
    "Am I really alone in this world of millions?"
    Billions of emotions, pain in tonne trillions

    And then came that day, so unexpected
    That click happened, that keyboard typed
    Boom! The world was new and colourful
    My hair was again, to me, beautiful

    Smiling and giggling you are now, like a child
    Everyone sees the happiness reconciled
    The camel of emotions running in your heart
    Turning the desert in you, into a fountain right from the start..

    Mamma mia, what is all this?
    How can I resist this bliss!
    The crocodiles of the Nile
    Are also ready with me, to cross miles and miles..

    If that would mean that I might see you one day
    I'll cross land and skies, all of the bays
    6 countries, 6700 kms.. You're worth it!
    إذا كان هذا السعادة فقط هو الشخص المسموح لي بتقبيله