• bluerstill 5w


    it drifts
    it sinks -
    at the very bottom
    where pastels
    and mauves
    give it weight
    and finally takes
    the light
    keeping it
    from touching
    the sink hole.

    the sky was blue
    green are leaves
    or are they brown
    and fiery
    when daisies
    into the madness
    of pink skies.

    it sinks
    where beauty
    is unencumbered
    with the starky nature
    of tangerine
    nor the gentle cunning
    of lavender;
    still it surfaces
    to drift
    and bask
    in the warm
    perpetual grace
    of sun and moon.

    aimless it is
    and waiting
    to sink
    and forget
    the memory
    of bloody sunsets
    and pale morning glories.