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    Her: being alone without u,
    is all i wanna do.

    Her: I miss u

    Her: my room misses u

    Her: my bed misses u

    Her: even my puppy misses u

    Me: You'll be my dream come through being with you,

    Me: I wish I could fast forward the days of Our lives together, would be bliss.
    career, love and kids..

    Me: I'll miss you, if I miss you.
    I'll always wish it was you.. I hope we end up together at long last.. I want to wrap around you, smile as you smile, hear your voice and kiss you soft daily and play music with you.. Do everything with you like you want to.. Cook together ☺.

    Her: yea the same babe

    Her: I want to have every happiness with u

    Her: what do you think about this?

    Me: This should be Me and you darling,
    In this picture darling, i so love it.

    Me: Daddy should let me have his little princess

    Her: yea but that lil princess wants u

    Me: You should know how bad i want you

    Her: more than that I want u

    Me: Do u know I'm smiling writing u
    like you're already mine.

    Me: Like a prophet seeing the future so clear

    Me: Wish dreams were real, I'll live with u there tonight were papa n culture won't fight us

    Me: Make sweet love to u on Our sacred bed, satisfying u just how u like it.. Knowing u are my woman n forever mine.. Sharing u with no other for life

    Her: forever babe

    Me: I'm in love with the thoughts of you

    Me: I smell you from here as you mesmerise me

    Her: oh! Really?

    Me: We are going to have a very large and soft bed, and you'll always love to wear my shirts and disturb me working on the laptop

    Me: I'll always have to shutdown to pay attention to your troubles, play with you and tease you, Kiss you slow and continue working

    Her: ah ha those slow kisses won't allow u work

    Me: We are going to be rich and own our company trust me

    Me: Love like guitar and violin

    Her: yea I mean that ��,
    okay if you okay, if you want to wrk in our bed, I'll be between u and laptop is that okay?

    Me: That's gonna be cool so I can smell on your hair and kiss you at intervals

    Her: no no you'll work in interval ����

    Me: This pictures drive me crazy, I need you now.

    Her: I see us in these pictures

    Me: That's just what i want, your body in my shirts, bra and pants that makes me adore you my gifted lover

    Her: I want both of us in your sweater

    Me: I'll choose days, take off work and spend 24hours with you in our Home, travel on vacations alone with you my love.. Show the world I'm proud of you all the time.. Kiss you same at old age and die happy fulfilled.. Knowing it was us at last who came to see and conquer

    Her: this put tears in my eyes

    Me: My heart is into this, I dont want to loose you babe

    Her: me too babe

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