• thoughtfulguy 5w

    A blank paper has a story to tell too,it's just you have to look at it the right way. Life's like a blank Paper,it may seem white and blank to others because they keep looking at it the wrong way. The pen is in our hands,the ink is in our minds,the words are in our experiences and the story is our life,all we have to do is make it a good and happening one. Like creases on a paper our life too has undulations,big ones,hard ones,ones that are hard to overcome but it's our job to overlay those creases. Life is hard,life is beautiful,life is worthwhile,life is white,just like a blank paper, waiting for you to come and write the most amazing story one has ever read. Make sure it's worth every decision ever taken, Ever relation ever experienced,every failure experienced,make sure everything proves you to be a beautiful paper,not a blank one kept waiting to be written on.