• aakansha2022 50w

    Kushagra♡How Shall I Express?
    That Smile You Sent Me Guy
    ..Makes Me Confess
    Though I Have Been Shy
    But Seems Not Too Long
    I Could No More Deny
    I Had Been Too Strong..
    "Falling Down For" I Hardly Try
    And now it feels so wrong.
    ..But Its Also True♡
    Beside You..My Stomach gets
    The Whole Damm Zoo..
    I Act Really Dumb..I Feel So Numb♡
    ...Can't Keep In Anymore
    For That Smile You Sent Me Guy
    Its Only You..whom I Adore♡
    My Heart's Ready To Comply
    If Only Am I Allowed To Explore
    Your Ocean Like Intense Eye♡
    ...So Hereby I Comit
    Along With You..I Really
    ...If Only You Permit
    Wish To Walk All Miles..
    & here my desire's compile♡
    My License Would Be Your Smile♡

    ♡I Love You Kushagra♡