• prateek_agrawal 45w

    You & Me

    You defined it from the start and
    I was definite from the end,
    The strikes that came by
    have a strong impact on you,
    You get along
    but you fear,
    You fear the fate
    and the present,
    You become we and
    we sounds great,
    But you fear
    the poison in me,
    The poison that may build you,
    Like a medicine may treat you,
    You become easy and happy too,
    But you fear
    the danger coming to you,
    The danger that is playful,
    Playful enough to ease you,
    You pump up your thought balloons,
    But you fear
    they may burst,
    The burst that will thrill you,
    Like to bring up the magic in you,
    But The poison is poison,
    The danger is danger,
    The storm is storm,anyway,
    And you is you,
    And me
    I am........leave and let it be!