• the_self 24w

    I had a dream

    I am a cleaning lady!!!! .. Oh, wait!! Is he the kpop star EXO-chayeneol!!!! And I am cleaning his dressing room?? No, not his.. it's EXO's......
    What the f***k???.. though I am in my dream but still didn't I suppose to be main character of my dream??
    "Ajumma...." now chayeneol is calling me AJUMMA ( AUNTY)!!!!
    It almost gave me heart attack... Anyway still I am happy.. Atleast I can have selfie with him...

    Yeah, I am a fan of chayeneol oppa.. It's not the first time i had a dream about him , each time either I used to write song with him or being very close friend of him or being manager of entire EXO...
    But it never happened like this time... i am a cleaning lady?? Nd called as AJUMMA..
    I better stop thinking about this.. What a horrible dream..